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"in my business we made the decision to offload SEO work to a trusted provider, an expert in the field. The key phrase being 'trusted'. If your business has been struggling for ranking love in a post panda/penguin world, then I can't recommend them highly enough"

-Chad Pryor Colorado

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SEO Guru & Traffic Generating master - Terry Kyle has opened up his exclusive SEO Agency for those who are ready to take their search visibility to the next level

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What price range do you take clients on for?

Our client budgets usually range from $1k/month to $10,000/month for the full SEO management, and we can also do one time orders of PDAs/PBNs from a minimum order of 5 ($500 total).

With the PBNs you build for me, if I was to leave, what would happen to them?

The PBNs (or PDAs – Private Domain Assets - as we call them) are your property. So, you have full reign as to what you would like to do with them while you are with us or even if you were to leave. Ownership is transferred to you along with hosting and registrar fees.

How long will it take me to see results?

With sites that already have history and visibility, we often start seeing results after the very first month, you can expect to start seeing decent results within just 3-6 months, but if your site is brand new, we’re looking more at around 6 months before getting past the “sandbox” period that Google likes to put new sites in.

Do you check domains’ metrics before PBN acquisition?

Yes, we check Trust Flow, Citation Flow and Domain Authority and filter away any domains that do not reach high enough levels. However, we also understand that metrics need to be taken with a pinch of salt as the most important element is the link profile behind a domain. We also check a combination of other things like the Way Back Machine for any spammy history.

Do you do long term contracts?

No. Simply because clients stay with us for as long as they want/need to, and that’s usually a long time anyway, so long term agreements are not necessary. All we do ask for is a 4-month commitment, after which it’s just a monthly rolling agreement.

Do you guys do on-page SEO too?

The only service we offer is SEO. So, we do everything that you can expect to get within an SEO campaign, e.g. keyword research, comprehensive on-site technical audits, site recommendations, backlink audits (and disavowing if necessary), etc.

What’s your reporting like?

It is so important that you, the client, always know what’s going on. For starters, our monthly reports are not only very informative, telling you how far you’ve come, what’s been done, what we plan to do going forward, etc. but they are also very easy to digest, and have commentary so you can relate much easier with our efforts.

How will I talk to you guys?

We know that no matter how good the work is, if communication is poor, that’s enough reason to feel apprehensive about continuing. Your project will be set up on Basecamp 3, our online project management software, where all communication will take place, keeping everything nice and organised for you and for all our gurus who are all accessible to you through there. We’ll send you weekly round-ups and will give you consultation on any thoughts and ideas you may have.